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One of the problems with slow running is maintaining proper stride rate.

I have hard time maintaining stride rate when I run fast, but when I run slow,

the stride rate becomes atrocious.

I know you are proponent of polarized training (and so am (or was) I), but there's other ways.

What do you think of "Easy Interval Method" (essentially a variation on Igloi)?

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Hi Marco, many thanks for this sharing. After reading a lot, I consider this same approach VO2max to specialisation. What stays unknown to me is how to calibrate the low intensity rides ? Whichever the definition of the upper limit of low intensity (Maffetone, VT1, LT1, DFAa1 0,75 etc), do you think it's better to work at this limit or more easy at a lesser percentage (and probably at Fatmax) ? Maybe and probably, it depends mainly of the total volume and I assume that if we have a low volume, optimizing the low intensity is a good idea ? This year, I'll try to train low intensity at the upper limit during winter and then, with much favorable weather and more time to spend on HIIT then Specialization, I'll lower the intensity of these LIT sessions. But maybe I'm wrong and it's unuseful to train at the upper limit. What is your experience on all of these years ? Many thanks and best wishes for 2024 !

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I have a question on the "training easy" approach (which btw I've been embracing since I read your article "Training (mostly) slow to race (kind of) fast" a few years ago): do you believe that training easy is useful per se? Or only to be able to train longer and/or be more productive in the hard sessions?

Let's say that I'm able to run only 3x per week. Is training easy still the right approach?

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Very useful article. Thank you

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Do you think this would work for increasing stamina for a soccer player as well, or would the varied intensity needed for soccer be too different than the steadier distance running?

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